Dawns Images is the business name and the photography blog for Don Johnston. I am a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Lively, Northern Ontario. My work is represented by All Canada Photos (Victoria, BC, Canada), agefotostock (Spain), Altrendo/Getty (Germany) and Alamy (England). My personal stock photography website has over 12 000 images in galleries plus a search feature.

Like many other nature photographers I am self-taught beginning with film in the 1980s and continuing through the 21st century with digital. I taught high school biology for thirty years, retiring in 2003 to pursue photography full time.

Recently I published a coffee-table book of personal work entitled Close to Home. The book features 150 nature images made in my backyard and within short distances from my home.

My work has been widely published in print media such as calendars, books and magazines, advertising, murals and consumer products. In 1995 I was the Grand Prize winner in the prestigious Sierra Photo Contest.

2 Responses to About

  1. Don, much of your work is simply “breathtaking”. I admire the artistic eye you apply.

  2. Johnston Don says:

    Hi James. Thanks for the kind words.

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